‘Tis the season…

For apples!

Is everyone where you live going crazy with apples? Maybe its just a Washington thing, but there are apples EVERYWHERE. John Mark and I shop at Costco mostly (its the most economical way to eat Primal- seriously, we go through a LOT of fresh food in a week), and what was once a diverse fruit aisle of peaches and pears and oranges and pineapples and clementines has been overtaken by apples of every color and variety you can imagine.

So you know what that means, right?

Its time to make Primal apple butter!

Apple butter is one of  those foods of my childhood that I cherish because we would only get it about once a year when the family would go to Beasley’s orchard to pick apples and pumpkins and listen to bluegrass bands. Apple butter is actually dead easy to make, and is also a convenient gift for those upcoming $15 or under Christmas gift exchanges you have for work and church and school and family (that is, if you don’t gobble it all before the holidays). Can the apple butter, tie a pretty bow around it, and voila! you have a gift that anyone can enjoy.

For us Primalers, we have to get a little creative with our use of apple butter considering that the traditional apple-butter-on-toast option is out. I wholly recommend the eat-it-straight-of-out-the-jar method, but if you are more refined than I am, try spreading it over your morning sausage or bacon (Seriously, try it. It’ll blow your mind.) or using it as a glaze for pork chops. I also want to try baking it with some nuts and flaked coconut or adding a dallop to some chai tea with almond milk. I’ll let you know how those go.

I’m certainly open to more suggestions.

Below is my own modified Primal apple butter recipe, but feel free to experiment with the measurements. Remember though, when the apple butter is whispering your name seductively from the fridge, and you are debating between eating it with the gigantor spoon or the normal dinner spoon, Primal apple butter still has a lot of sugar and would fit more in the “sensible indulgences” category. Devour responsibly.

Primal Apple Butter

Yields 3 full pint-sized mason jars

12 apples in a mixed variety (I used Fuji, Honeycrisp, and Granny Smith. I prefer to cook with tart apples because I think the end product comes out brighter and sparklier on your tongue. If you like Red or Golden Delicious or Jonathan apples, think about using at least one tart apple variety to keep the butter from turning out dull.)

2/3 to 1 cup of honey, depending on the size of your apples and your desired sweetness

1 Tbs cinnamon

1/2 Tbs nutmeg (or a little more, if you’re feeling spicy)

a few cranks of sea salt from the grinder

Crock Pot

Peel and chop apples. Mix apples, honey, cinnamon, nutmeg, and salt in a bowl until evenly coated. Cook mixture in crock pot on high for 1 hour, then let the mixture cook on low for another 8-9 hours, stirring occasionally. Puree apples with an immersion blender or in an upright blender.

Sometime in that 8-9 hours, check out this tutorial on how to can so you know what to do when the apple butter is ready. (Disclaimer: I read through this in a while, so if its silly or offensive… my apologies).

Enjoy! And don’t forget to share!



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