We made it!

We did it! Sunday marked the end of our first 30 primal days. I wanted to write a celebratory post on Monday, but I called in sick to work and spent most of the day on the couch watching Modern Family. Yesterday I intended to sit down and ponder the past month, the ups, the downs, and how profoundly this diet has effected us. Obviously, I did neither of those things.

The truth: there’s not a whole lot more to tell. Eating Primal (or Primally? I was never good with adverbs) is just what we do now. The idea of going back to how we ate before, to how tired I felt all the time, to the constant illness- it’s just not something that even registers in my brain. We finished 30 days, which is an exciting accomplishment, but we have no desire to change now that the 30-day experiment is over. Its my hope that Day 30 will look the same as Day 130 or 1,030.

We still have so very much to learn, and I’m excited to keep exploring this lifestyle. And yes, just because the 30-Days is up doesn’t mean that I will stop bombarding you poor, innocent readers with everything I’m finding.

So, onward ahead we go, Day 30 behind us and so much more ahead.


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