Going Primal Day 5: How Thai food proved me right.

I made Thai red curry last night.

Amazing, search and rescue every vegetable in the bottom, drink the sauce the next day Thai red curry.

It sounds like it would be pretty difficult, right? With red hair and fair skin, I may be the farthest thing from Thai possible, and the curry I used to get at the Magic Noodle in Joplin always seemed so exotic I never thought I could make something that even resembled that delicious dish.

But, I am here to tell you, authentic, lick-the-bowl Thai curry is fabulously easy… one of the quickest, easiest meals I’ve made in a very long time, in fact. I used Everyday Paleo’s recipe, but for those of you who probably won’t go check it out, I’ll give the recipe in 100 words or less:

1 can of coconut milk, unshaken, 1-1.5 Tbs of red curry paste (you can find it at the grocery for about $5, and it will last for a very long time), your favorite fresh or frozen stir fry veggies, 1 lb chicken/beef/pork.

Heat a wok or large skillet. When the wok is hot, add the cream off of the top of the coconut milk. It will smoke some, but heat and stir it for 3 minutes.

Add curry paste, stir until combined.

Add meat, heat until mostly cooked.

Add vegetables and remaining coconut milk until everything is heated.

And this is what you get:

(This photo is from Everyday Paleo, but ours looked pretty much the same, but in black bowls.)

Seriously, my earlier assertion that food companies make us believe that delicious, authentic food only comes pre-made in a box or bag is complete and absolute boloney. Or bologna. Depending on how fancy you feel.

Next trip to the grocery, grab some curry paste and coconut milk, and make this curry. You’ll feel exotic and liberated all at the same time.

[Minor endnote: I really really REALLY wanted brownies last night. But I didn’t give in. You’d be proud.]


The Primal Menu

Dinner: Thai curry with chicken, red peppers, green peppers, broccoli, and carrots

Breakfast: Another failed attempt at proper hard boiled eggs, so I had a fruit and nut bar

Lunch: Leftover curry, apple with almond butter


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