Road Trip Day #13: Too Tired to Post.

I’m sorry I failed you. We didn’t even really do that much today (pool, dog park, dinner), I just haven’t exactly been in a road-trip state of mind. I’m highly distracted by trying to find a home and potentially finding another job to help pay for that home. I have been caught multiple times in the last 24 hours not even hearing the conversations going on around me.

Really, its exhausting. I fell asleep in the car at 4:30 today.

I promise I’ll write more tomorrow. I have some thoughts and feelings that I think some of you (especially you Joplinites) can relate to about homelessness and worry and trusting the promises of God.

But not tonight. Tonight, the best thing for everyone is to go to sleep.

That is, if I can manage to catch some z’s between my snoring husband and my snoring dog…


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