Road Trip Day # 9: Addicted

Today was the first day it really hit me.

We are moving to Seattle.

We are moving to Seattle!


Don’t judge my use of bold font and capitals and multiple exclamation marks. Yes, it was totally necessary.

We will be in Florida for two weeks, so today was the first day that we weren’t traveling hundreds of miles and didn’t feel the need to cram as much visiting and exploring as possible into our ever waking hour. Today, I did some work. Then we went to the pool. Then we had lunch. Then I discovered… (duh duh duh)… apartment hunting. And at the very same moment, that’s when I truly to the depths of my soul realized that…


The boldness and the all-caps and the exclamation marks might not have been so necessary the second time, but that’s how I feel… bold and all-capped and exclaimed. Finally. I am finally excited and not terrified or guilty or sad about moving to Seattle. I am thrilled. Elated. Completely tickled with the whole ridiculous situation. And now I am also kind of addicted to looking at housing online. All the saving and talking and planning finally feels real when I look at apartments. It reminds me that Seattle will not just be a place that we visit but it will be our home. (Oh, man, I’m so excited for a home again, and its only been a week.) It will be where we live.

We will live in Seattle.

We will live in Seattle!

We will LIVE in Seattle!

Apparently I’m not just addicted to apartment hunting, but I’m also addicted to bold font, capital letters, and exclamation points. What can I say… I’m moving to Seattle!


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