On having baker’s block.

I am completely uninspired when it comes to cooking. Or baking. Or breadmaking.

This is a serious problem, people.

My way of showing people love is to bake them a delicious treat or feed them a perfectly satisfying meal. It means something when friends or family take the time to prepare a real meal just for you, as in something that has not been microwaved, is not pre-made from a bag or box, and took more effort to create than switching on the stove, opening an oven door, (or worse) driving up to a window. Not to be a complete and utter cheese ball, but I truly believe that feeding the stomach can also mean feeding the soul, and I think there is something special about people walking away from my table feeling full and having truly enjoyed their evening.

Cooking and baking is not the only way to be hospitable, I know that. But it is my way.

And I have gone completely blank.

I blame it on selling the house. And the ever-lingering fear that my freshman level Biology class is going to ruin my otherwise superb (and hard-earned, mind you) GPA. And the fact that I went through a chili and soup phase during this completely ridiculous Missouri winter we had and I kind of forget how to make warm-weather dishes.

We are having some dear friends over tonight, and I want to make them something as great as they are. These are two people that even though our busy schedules rarely align, when they do, laughter and fun and a deep sense of being cared for always ensue.

I need a menu for tonight. And fast. I may have to fall back on a little piece of cooking wisdom that has been passed down from generation to generation, a fool-proof plan for any and every occasion:

When in doubt, make tacos.



One thought on “On having baker’s block.

  1. Pot roast or meatloaf, mashed takers dressed up with garlic and cheese, or baked sweet potatoes, home made MAC and cheese. Ok, ok that’s not very warm weathery but its been a loooooong stressful week and I have a hankerin for comfort food.

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