On being okay.

We put our house up for sale today.

And if I’m being really honest with you (which I am trying to do more of… I am also trying not to end sentences with a preposition, but look how well that’s going…), I feel a deep need to justify that decision to the world. Maybe its the “need for approval” stage that I never fully grew out of (again with the prepositions), or maybe its that buying and selling houses and making huge life decisions means change is a-comin’ and change, even the good kind, can be challenging.

So, yes, friends and cyberworld, we put our house up for sale today. Why? Because we want to. I have been thinking all day about what I wanted to write in this post, about how I wanted to justify this decision to you, and as I said before, honesty just seems to be the best policy. We want to move. We aren’t fleeing a horrible situation, and we aren’t moving to anyone. We don’t have a great job offer somewhere new, and while I hope further education is in our future, we haven’t been accepted to some prestigious graduate program. I guess in some ways we are doing a little of all of those, but I tend to use them as excuses for moving in hopes of being crowned the “responsible adult” in your eyes. But the truth is, we just want to move. And that’s okay.

It does feel curious to be back in the housing market. Circumstances have changed since we bought this house 10 months ago, and our outlook on living in Joplin for another 3-5 years have changed as well. Joplin just isn’t the place for us, even if we have a house that we love. I’m not really sure if there ever will be “a place for us” or if our gypsy souls will continue to wander until our dying days. What I am sure of is that it is time to leave. Its time for new beginnings and new adventures and a new outlook on life. And that’s okay too.

So, where to? Seattle, Washington. Why Seattle? Because its not Joplin. Because it is 2,000 miles away from a city and a life that we never meant to get stuck in. Because its a big city with new beginnings and new adventures and a new outlook on life. Because we are young and love Jesus and love each other and have the entire world open to us. Because we want to. And that’s okay… thrice.

So, let the adventure begin. I’m sure the next few months will bring some delightful stories and emotions as we try to figure out what this new phase in our lives are going to look like. But if I have learned anything from my time in Joplin, it is that I cannot control nor predict the future.

And you guessed it… that’s okay too.


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