Many Apologies…

To those of you who are still checking my blog- many thanks and many apologies.

My life as of late can only be described in one word: INSANITY.

I have 18 class hours, plus what feels like 18 more hours of reading Russian literature, two 8-10 page research papers due, 25-30 hours of work every week, a husband, two dogs, a community group at church, and on top of all of that we are buying a house and trying to downsize all of our stuff.

Oh. My. Gosh.

Sorry that my blog has kind of been tossed aside in all of that.

You might say that I am a little overwhelmed with life. In one month, though, school will be over for the spring semester, and I am trying to keep summer plans gloriously restful. (We’ll see how it goes).

So don’t give up on me– I promise I haven’t given up on my blog. Come back in May, I’m sure there are plenty of good stories to tell.


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