I forgot about Mondays.

It is definitely a Monday. I forgot about Mondays in Cambodia. Mondays don’t have the same disruptive power in Asia that they do in the States, I’m convinced. Especially after today.

I started getting a cold on Thursday night when I got home. I wasn’t feeling well, had a little cough and a headache. But what else would you expect? I had two Thursdays last week- that’s bound to make you sick somehow. Over the weekend, what was once a fledgling sinus headache matured into a full-grown immortal mucus monster that made its way to my nose (and very often out my nose), down my throat and has now taken up residence in my lungs, making me cough the loud, phlegmy kind of cough that flays your throat until it is raw.

After saying good morning to my new internal resident and somehow peeling my exhausted body from my warm cozy bed, I began to make my way to my first classes at MSSU since being home. On the way, I noticed a Duquesne (yes, that is actually a word, a street and town name to be exact) cop hanging out at the one and only roundabout in Joplin (well, I guess its technically in Duquesne, hence the Duquesne cop). These cops are notoriously brutal, and since I wasn’t feeling well and it was a Monday, all I could think about was NOT getting pulled over. No really, that’s all I could think about and ended up curbing the median in the roundabout and getting pulled over by the cop just as MSSU was in my sights. Apparently I also need a front license plate, my back left taillight is out, and my proof of insurance is from 2009. Somehow, I got off with a warning.

Next, I trekked 87 miles from the far parking lot to my classes in Webster Hall. Today I had the always riveting Gender Roles class. As fate would have it, my professor forgot her lecture notes and decided to wing it freestyle (Freestyling, free…freestylin. Thank you Flight of the Conchords. That’s kind of  what she sounded like, though.) What topic did she choose to inspire us with today? Prostitution. Really??? I think I’d rather get the ticket from the cop in Duquesne. The class discussion involved one man talking about how he and his football buddies visited a brothel in Austria and could pick whatever girl they wanted (but he was married, so he didn’t participate, and then absolved himself of all guilt), a girl talking about how prostitution should be legalized as a protective measure for women, and the professor  waxing eloquent about how morality is relative and we shouldn’t judge others decisions. I didn’t know whether to cry or vomit or walk out or to tear them all apart with my bare hands (or my vicious rhetoric.) I am a little embarrassed to say that I was so paralyzed with rage and sadness and disgust that I sat and did nothing until she let the class leave.

Welcome Home and Happy Monday.


5 thoughts on “I forgot about Mondays.

  1. Minus the references to Flight of the Conchords, this post made me really sad. If there was ever an appropriate time to kick a jock in the face… it might have been then. Ugh.

    Love you.

  2. Uhhhhhh, I bought you the front license plate bracket the last time we were in Joplin..you can’t even plead ignorance on this one!

  3. Oh and about the ignorant over egoed jocks that talked about prostitution like it was no different that going to get their oil changed. I will give you a pass on this one since you were tired from the trip and coming down with the “rutcorts” (Grandma’s word for a nasty cold like illness; I think it might be Dutch and I’m not sure I spelled it correctly.) However, absent severe fatigue and or illness I expect you to be on them like a duck on a june bug should they ever utter such insenstive nonsense again. And don’t let up until they cower like a little whipped puppy…or if time doesn’t allow you to verbally beat them into submission you may simply kick them firmly in the groin! But never ever let them get away with it again! Understood???? This goes double for the spineless prof that let it go on in is liberalized classroom.

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