He lied.

He lied. The stylist, I mean. My hair definitely does not look cooler without having washed it this morning.

I mean, it doesn’t look less cool. It pretty much looks like it did yesterday.

I was a little nervous last night about this whole plan of not washing my hair. First of all, the pomade I use had gotten pretty sticky throughout the day,  and I was pretty convinced it would turn into the consistency of chewing gum by the time I woke up. Second, I have about 87 cowlicks strewn about my hair, and its hard enough to wrestle them down when they are clean, let alone after a night of my crazy, tossing and turning with chewing-gum pomade stuck in it.

But, oddly enough, when I woke up, my hair felt surprisingly dry and was actually flatter than it had been the day before. I put some more pomade in it and messed it up with my fingers, then drove off to my dreaded Russian literature class, looking the same amount of ow-some as I always do [which is not too much, let me tell you.]

Maybe I haven’t let my hair get dirty enough. I mean, can only going two days of not washing my hair count as neo-grunge? I think I’ll try not washing my hair for 3 days…


2 thoughts on “He lied.

  1. I’m jealous… you make me want to chop my hair again. Little known secret: I didn’t wash mine every day either when I had my first short haircut. I think the only person who knew was Molly… 🙂

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