[pre]New Year’s Resolution[s]

It has been a year of transition. Out of dorms, into apartment. Out of apartment, into house. Dating, then engaged, then married. No pet to slobbering needy mutt-puppy. My closest friends 5 minutes away to my closest friends 5 time zones away. Private, Christian school to state school. No job, no prospects of a job, no idea what I want to do with my life to perfect job and plausible goals.

And through all of that I was always waiting for non-transitioning, real-life to start. My procrastination skills have risen to a new height as of late because of the “I will [insert necessary action] when [insert upcoming event]” attitude. But it is becoming more and more evident that, yes, in fact, this is real life. I’m not really in transition anymore. I plan to stay married, to keep my job, to stay at the same school, and to not allow anymore friends to move away before I do. Thus, this is real life. I need to show my life whose boss here and learn a little discipline.

And when better time to learn discipline than New Year’s, right? Today on my drive back from Indiana, John Mark helped me make a list of 9 (not an even 10, get over it) goals for the new year:

1. Become a vegetarian….most of the time. I’m not against eating meat, and I don’t really need to lose weight. I just want to feel healthy. Meat really isn’t the problem here; it’s the side dishes I put with the meat. When I make meatloaf, I want potatoes with butter and cheese and sour cream to go with it. If we eat out, I am physically incapable of not have fries with a burger or chicken sandwich. If I make a sandwich at home, I want  mayonnaise on it. So, I am going try to go with a mostly-veggie diet, with maybe some chicken or fish thrown in there every now and then, and hopefully cut down on the carb-loaded side dishes.

2. Exercise. Isn’t this every American’s New Year’s Resolution? I have no excuse- I have a yoga DVD from Netflix and a floor in which to do the yoga on, so, again, it just comes down to discipline.

3. Learn who Jesus is again. I’ve been REALLY bad this year about reading my Bible or participating in any sort of spiritual discipline (why does that word keep popping up?) and just going through the motions. I think part of that has to do with a little bit of religion-overload from Ozark, a little to do with having some serious questions that I need to answer, a lot to do with sheer laziness and apathy.

4. Return to my eco-friendliness. When, oh when, did I give up recycling? I’m going to guess when it got to be colder than 60 degrees outside because Joplin doesn’t have a curbside recycle pick-up OR pay you for recycling. (Which is reason #487 why I don’t understand why I live in Southwest Missouri). Anyway, I think I can brave the cold for 10 minutes, stop using paper towels, and take shorter showers.

5. Train Jack. While Jack is the sweetest oaf of a puppy you could ever hope to get from the pound, he has doggy-ADD and needs a lot of time invested into his training. I’ve been too impatient to teach him the simple commands of sit, stay, and come yet, which is not fair to him or to anyone who has ever spent any amount of time with him.

6. Decorate my house. I may not have a lot of money, but if I decorate/paint a room a month and get creative with the money I’ve budgeted, I think my house could finally look like a female lives in it. (I promise I’ll post pictures)

7. Practice the instruments I know how to play, and maybe learn some new ones. I have the time to play; I just get frustrated when I’m not a guitar master after 10 minutes of practicing a new song.

8. Be a more thankful and encouraging person. Life is funny, people are giving, and God is good. I want to appreciate that.

And because I’ve made all these goals and have plenty of fodder for good blog posts:

9. Write on this blog EVERY day for as long as I can. Maybe writing about all these goals will keep me accountable to doing them. We’ll see.

But it’s not New Year’s yet. I still have 2 days to make a budget, find a year-long Bible-reading plan, and research how to stave off malnutrition on a vegetarian diet. See you January 1st.


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