Funny Story.

Funny story.

So, I’m at work. Our office is this really cool, artsy gallery with powerwashed brick and crisp tile floors that make your heals click when you walk. We give people tours around the gallery, pointing out artwork and pictures and sharing about human trafficking. You don’t have to talk very loud for the sound to bounce all the way to the front of the gallery and back.

That’s important to remember as I tell this story.

So, I turn on Pandora Radio at my desk, and then minimize it to do some work. When I don’t hear music after a minute, I realize the speakers were turned off, so, I turn the sound up. Way up, I guess, because the first thing I hear is:

“Monistat wants to know how many women in America want to cure their yeast infection”.

And its really loud. And it reverberates throughout the entire gallery.

I laughed out loud. Thankfully I was alone and was spared the possible humiliation.  But really, who’s bright idea was it to put a radio commercial comparing different kinds of yeast infection creams on Pandora?

Anyway, I had to share that with someone. Thanks for being my someone.


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