About the New Look

I didn’t mean to change the layout of my blog. I’m just technology impaired and messed up my first one.

I loved the old design with the tree and the shades of blue and gray and white (Can there be shades of white?). I feel like that embodied my personality so well. Or maybe it embodied what I wish my personality was. Or what I want cyberspace to think my personality was. I mean, that’s the point of a blog, right?

Well, I got this genius idea to customize the picture at the top, to upload some edgy photo I had taken that would embody my personality even more. Well, first of all, I’m not particularly adept at photography, nor am I particularly edgy. And as previously stated above, I’m technologically impaired. So, long story short, I tried to upload a lame picture, it didn’t look good at all, and then I couldn’t get my serene blue-gray tree back. Ineptitude strikes again.

So, I had to pick a new theme for the blog. I’m not thrilled about it, but it was either this or something with cheesy pink flowers or bowling balls or a dude wearing headphones. I’d rather go minimalist, thank you very much. At least this theme is called “Hemingway.” Maybe that will be inpirational.


2 thoughts on “About the New Look

  1. You just gotta figure out how to change it back. This justs seems too sterile and like a research-type website! When I first pulled it up I thought I had the wrong site!

    But your writings are still as witty and fun to read.

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