A PSA about H1N1

My father sent me a forward today about avoiding the H1N1 virus. The e-mail was a transcript of a speech given by some highly intelligent Indian doctor with a name that I can’t pronounce that heads up the Nuclear Medicine Department and Thyroid Clinic at some hospital I can’t pronounce. Although I don’t feel like nuclear anything and my thyroid should ever go together, the dude seems legit. And everything he had to say was pretty typical flu-prevention kind of stuff: drink plenty of liquids, wash your hands, gargle with salt water, get lots of vitamin C and rest.

But this nuclear thyroid doctor has a “hand-off-face” approach that seemed a little fishy to me. You must “resist the temptation to touch your face, except if you want to eat, bathe, or slap”. Slap? Really? I don’t know if I can resist that temptation, doctor. Honestly, can anyone actually get H1N1 through slapping? And are we talking about me slapping myself, or someone else slapping me? Maybe slapping H1N1  will be the newest form of covert biological warfare; just don’t tell the North Koreans.

Anyway, moral of the story: Please consider the possible biological consequences before you slap yourself or others.


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