Carbs: There really can be too much of a good thing…

I ate too many carbs yesterday.

Eating more than the daily recommended percentage of carbs is not exactly an abnormal thing for me.  I like bread alot, okay? But I think yesterday went a teensy-weensy bit overboard. I maybe possibly might have eaten an entire tube of biscuits all by myself.

Before you start judging me and calling me irresponsible and gluttonous (not to be confused with glutenous, which I also was at that point), let me explain. I woke up feeling like a Mack truck snuck into our house and ran over me during the night , and I just wanted a big breakfast to boost my energy. And, as I said in my last entry, Dave Ramsey is ruining my life and would make me feel guilty if I spent John Mark and I’s food money on eating breakfast out alone. So I had to rummage around  our fairly empty refrigerator and found some eggs and a can of Kroger-brand biscuits. We’re talking the silver-dollar sized, 89-cent kind. Classy, I know.

Since they were so small, I piled two on top of each other to make 5 “bigger” biscuits instead of 10 bite-sized ones. Then I popped those suckers in the oven, fried me an egg in my North African olive oil, and prepared a nice little breakfast for myself. Well, it took two biscuits to finish off the egg, and then I ate another one with jelly. Then when I got home from work at 5, I hadn’t eaten lunch and wanted a quick snack, so I ate the two remaining biscuits with some butter.

It hit me later, as lay in bed in the fetal position, trying to stave off the nausea that was ballooning in the pit of my stomach, that I had actually eaten the entire can of biscuits, and that was about all I had eaten in a 24 hour period. I’m so ashamed.

So, to end the story, over the course of the evening, I vomited twice, slept through our community group bonfire we had in our backyard, and woke up craving KFC’s mashed-potato bowls. Ironically, more carbs. (But really, have you ever had those? I crave them at the weirdest times. After I got back from North Africa where all the food tastes like the same, bland piece of cardboard, I’m pretty sure I had those KFC mashed potato bowls for a week straight.).

Anyway, moral of the story, though I hate to admit it: You can have too many carbs.

Or more specifically: Eating an entire can of biscuits = bad idea.


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