The List

For a reason unbeknownst to me, this summer I am understanding more and more that I am at a very interesting place in my life. I think I can officially call myself an adult: 22 years old, married, no longer under mommy and daddy’s financial support (okay, that’s not completely true, they are still paying for my schooling….). But I also fully recognize that I am still a baby when it comes to wisdom and life experience. I don’t fully understand how to be a perfect wife. I don’t fully understand the grace of God or how to live that out in my life. I don’t know what city (or country, for that matter) I will be living in three years down the road. I don’t have the slightest idea how to raise children to be contributing members of society. I can’t even do my own taxes. And it is here at the junction of youth and adulthood I stand, a little dazed and confused.

But I do know I don’t want to live with regrets. I have so much time, so much life to live. I am still young enough that I don’t have a lot serious commitments, like children to raise or a demanding boss to appease. So I have begun to make a mental list of all the things I want to do with my youth, with this future that lays sprawled out in front of me, poised and ready for me to experience it.

So here it is. The List. I want to….

– Visit every continent in the world (except for maybe Antarctica… really, I’m okay with not making it to all 7)

– Own at least one pair of completely frivolous but insanely hot stiletto heels.

– Spend a year in the Peace Corps teaching HIV/AIDS awareness in Sub-Saharan Africa.

– Be fluent in Spanish.

– Get a Masters in Social Work .

– Teach my dog to sit, stay, roll-over, and bring me a Coke from the fridge.

– Visit Brigette in Japan.

– Learn how to change the oil and a flat tire from my car.

– Sing (and maybe play) in a folk band.

– Go skydiving.

– Pierce my nose (or my eyebrow… or my lip…)

– Know the names of all the Supreme Court Justices and what they stand for.

– Once again live close to Jared and Julie, preferably in the Northwest, preferably in Seattle.

– Backpack through Europe. And the Himalayas. And the Amazon.

– Read all the books that have ever won the Pulitzer Prize.

I think thats a fairly substantial list. And I think I can actually accomplish most of those. To be continued later…


One thought on “The List

  1. thank you for finally writing again. 🙂 Believe it or not, I do check to see if you write. And sadly, you didn’t for awhile. So keep it up. Let’s not make my checks on your blog fruitless!

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